A poem, inspired by the novel Inside Out & Back Again

During my Literacy class, I had a marvelous opportunity to read an outstanding book I have never heard of. Inside Out & Back Again, by Thannhha Lai, is a verse novel based on the journey of a young little girl, Ha, who fled from her native country to a new country. As an inspiration from what we’ve read, I and my classmates wrote each a gorgeous poem. This poem dedicated from a perspective of a character that went similar life experience as Ha from the novel. Please enjoy reading my poem about this character that has been forced to flee her home country for a safer place. 

Photo from Diacritics.org

Me, sitting under the shadow, 

Of this old world. 


Without any work to do, 

Anyone to play with, 

I ended up here. 


In a quiet place,

Giving me a state of serenity, 

At the same time, with water all of my body. 


Upon the branches, 

The soft voice of the bird is singing, 

Intended to express their bliss. 


Unfortunately, my mouth isn’t singing as the bird

But my stomach does

It is growling 


I am a Kurd, 

Moved from Iran, 

Are what my mom used to tell me, 


I was born to be here in Turkey, 

In a refugee camp, 

To be craved for food, 

To be slumbered in a small tent, 

For nine of us. 


Mom, we are Kurd, and…we are here?

Was what I once asked my mom


Jihan, my little girl

That’s why we need to endure such these

We have nowhere; we have no spot, 

But what we have is an identity, 

To be a Kurd 


A young little girl as me, 

Realize that I have no country, 

Cognize my own self, 

At that juncture. 


Is it faith that I have nowhere, 

To go, 

To breath with contentment, 

To gulp my favorite food. 


Part II


Days passed, we are fortunate, 

When missionaries, 

Sponsor us to come to America. 

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Your happiness with your homework (R5)

How to be happy when you have a lot of homework? (essay)

By : SaraVotey Mom

Have you been feeling pressured about having a lot of homework that you can’t even submit them on time?​ Homework can often feel a little stressful or boring but it handles with numerous positive purposes. Unfortunately, if you are at study age it’s all part of student life. It’s the way of how your teacher evaluates how much you understand of what’s going on in class or to help you better understand the subjects that you’re studying. One major point that every student should be aware of is that all of those tasks and assignments are there to benefit you and your learning. However, having happiness while at your study age, as well as doing your homework is such a crucial point since it’s only the thing that motivates and encourage you through the journey of your learning. Fortunately, if you think you have a hard time doing your homework, there are some wonderful steps you can follow. I guarantee you will quickly become accustomed to doing any kind of homework with full of joy, as well as having a beaming smile on your face.                         


1). Plan out your task and time: Homework is from different classes with different types. Some of them might take a long term to finish, while others only require a short term to finish. If you have too much work, you should plan out with the list of tasks and works. In addition, it’s best if you attach the duration of those works with the time you are going to start and finish. For instance, Emily Listmann, a Co-Authored of an article in wikihow.com, was saying, “You’ll feel happier and more productive if you’re studying during a time when you’re experiencing a peak in energy”. This could mean that you have the potential to finish your work early because you’ll be able to concentrate on your work. 

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There is only one happiness in this life – to love and be loved. (By George Sand)

On a day on the 4th round, It was World Poetry Day!!! Our teacher let me choose a text or phrase that I’ve recently read, or Ted Talk video I’ve recently watch to get inspire me to write a Golden Shovel poem. Basically, Golden Shovel poem is a poem which you take a line from a poem or quotes you admire and use each word in the line as an end word on the line on your poem with order. For example, you take a quote with eight words, so your poem has to be eighth lines.

My inspire quote: There is only one happiness in this life – to love and be loved  (By George Sand)

Success and victorious are waiting for her there

Getting the destination determined who she is

Needed to help herself, the one and only

There are no two, but just one

Which is herself, the one who brings her happiness

Plus, it’s not outside, it’s in

The heart of compassion that found in this

The piece throughout her life

Spreading her true heart to

Everyone and everything that needs love

Her family, her friends and

Be the person she wants to be

And throughout her life, she will always receive loved.

By Votey

English Literacy Round 3

This round the main theme in Literacy class is The Search of Identity. In this theme, we mostly talking about the factor that helps us define who we are, the characters in the novels etc. We’ve also discovered a lot of lesson in Literacy such as metaphor, simile, denotation, connotation, writing poem, story element including discussion. We also read a novel in the group. The title of the book is Wonder. In my opinion, Wonder is one of the best books I’ve read before. The authors have a wonderful style of writing her books to get the readers to visualize her writing clearly. On the other hand, it makes the readers including me easy to understand.

Characters in Wonder  = August, his mom, his dad, Via, Summer, Jackwill, Julian and more.

The jot dots of the most important information from page 1- 65.

  • First – August has 27 surgeries and he homeschools by his mom.
  • Second – later on, his parents want to let him to school because they wanted him to learn to deal with things.
  • Next, he didn’t want to go to school because he is different from others.
  • Finally, he still goes to school and people around him seem not to like him much.

One of the other interesting assignments in my class is reading skills. This assignment requires to do once a day or totally in one week. It is an assignment that includes all the skills related to reading that we should have and learn for our future. It includes read and answering questions, inference, fact and opinion, cause and effect, identifying, compare and contrast, etc.

My Where I’ am From Poem: 

Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DLVOceUnob_-8dP4DL-WpQ9EcxyWypowOUm_1IDckVw/edit

English Literacy, Round 2

The theme of this round is about social and environmental injustice which mainly talking about how can pollution related to inequality and how can it affect us as citizen. Our final assessment of this round is an argumentative essay of a topic. In this concept, we did some process such as brainstorming, pre-writing, write a rough draft, peer-review, revise idea, edit and the last is publish. In order to have a strong argumentative essay, we need to learn how to write a strong thesis statement, choosing evidences. All the references identify as primary source or secondary source. Primary source is the first-hand source which takes action in the real event, for example, photographs,  autobiography, maps, diary, documented. Secondary source is the second-hand source which from the primary source such as textbooks, articles, etc.

This is my wonderful argumentative essay. Please enjoy reading!

SaraVotey Mom                                                    English Literacy                                               

Hannah Trivitt                                                        14 December 2018    

                                                 From Bait to Plate  

Millions and millions of fish have been caught, annually. There is a problem before those fish hit your plate because right now we simply cannot tell if the fish we eat were illegally caught or not. Which means, illegally caught fish are getting into the seafood market at different points of their journey from bait to plate. The IUU stands for Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated fishing. This is a global issue around the world. Illegal fishing is the action of fishing that not allowed by law. Some parts of the world, people used huge nets or electric shock. These actions occur in parts of the ocean where fishing is not permitted or fishing greater numbers than a fisher’s permit allows to catch. Even though illegal fishing makes people a lot of money, we should abolish those actions. Illegal fishing negatively affects marine environment/ecosystem, economics, and species extinction.

Illegal fishing is extremely harmful to the marine environment and ecosystem. These methods would strongly affect marine species in the ocean. If there are many fish have been catching, it is an adverse effect on marine biodiversity. Every single aquatic plant and animal has a role to play for balancing themselves with their environment and surroundings. So in order to thrive, marine creatures require some kind of environment and nutrients, which in this process they may depend on other organisms. For instance, some of the people tried to improve the method of catching Tuna. Tuna is a part which is very essential to the ecosystem because it is a huge part of millions of marine species diets. Having less amount of Tuna, a very special species, can cause really serious threats to sharks, seabirds and sea turtle (World Wildlife Fund). In addition, it destroys the marine habitats including coral reefs or sea turtle nesting beaches. It makes the marine animals have no habitat to live anymore, which take more time for them to build a new one. According to Marine Science Today, seabirds such as puffins were depended on the sand eel for their food around the Shetland Islands. Especially, with the loss of sand eels, seabirds around Shetland Island might be declined (Krysten). As mentioned, in the ecosystem organisms depend on each other to thrive, which means that if the food chain breaks at any level, it will affect all other living organisms in the ecosystem as well. To sum up, Depletion of fish populations and destroy the entire marine food chain also the main part of Illegal fishing.

Economics is also related to Illegal fishing. It leads to some of the detrimental effects to the economics which especially to the local fishermen and local communities. Advantages and benefits are being provided from marine species, including ecosystem services such as the distribution of food, medicines, and livelihood. They also support tourism by entertainment activities around the world (IUCN). Fishermen who use the legal fishing gear could lose their fishing opportunity and lose the value of the catches. They may lose income for their family expenditures which working in the fishing industry. Nearly all of the legal fishermen are living near the ocean which they live partly depends on the fishing field to spend everyday expenditures for buying food and stuff. For instance, Orbital Admin, a writer in stop illegal fishing.com, was saying, “The Marine Resource Assessment Group estimate that Africa loses $1billion a year to illegal fishing, and since fishing is the basis for 45 million livelihoods in sub_saharan Africa” (Admin). This means it affects a large number of family who makes a living depend on the ocean. Illegal fishing may cause having less fish in the ocean, which also makes other fishermen couldn’t find much fish for their income. The Illegal fish harvest may be brought to market at a lower price because there is a lot amount of fish. This is unfair because fisherman that are fishing legally are losing income while the illegal fisherman is making more profit since they are bringing in more fish. It’s kind of unfair of prices to the same product that is from legal fishing. However, the low prices of fish won’t take the short amount of time to increase.

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English Literacy

Every day, at the beginning of the class, we always have daily affirmation. It is the positive statement declaring specific goals. All the students repeated the affirmation from the teacher. I think doing affirmation guidances me to clean my mind from the negative thoughts and replace them with the positive and encouraging ones.

Every week, we have a homework packet assignment which contains a list of ten words. Those words are the root words from either Latin and greek. this assignment consists of exercises and worm up that certainly related to the words. After we hang our homework back to our teacher, she will gives a test from those ten words.  

This round the theme in literacy class is the history of english language and etymology which is also related to the history of english. The questions that we are focusing on are how has English evolved over time, how does language connect or disconnect us as a human race and related to socioeconomic status and more. After I know some of the information of English history, I feel that I know how it has evolved over time until now and I feel more comfortable in myself which I could share them to the people around the world.