First Experience As Deputy Chair in Khmer Model United Nations, 2020

Throughout my Model UN career, I was always represented as a delegate. Nevertheless, this year in Model UN in Khmer, I was going to step on a more challenging, yet a new experience to even make it a more glorious journey. In February 2020, Liger Leadership Academy hosted another MUN conference to all the Liger delegates. This conference was one of the most incredible adventures I have attended since it was full of excitement and joy. 

Being a deputy chair of a committee, I required to write a chair report in the Khmer language according to one of the topics of the committee. I spent my time wisely and was able to write an amazing 10 pages report based on “The question of reducing pesticide use,”. During the conference, everything in my committee went smoothly and in a successful way. Although it was my first experience charing a committee, I felt so welcome and pleased by all the delegates. 

I appreciate how all the delegates were actively involved by asking other delegates questions and brought their courage into making speeches in front of the whole committee. Especially, 2 of 3 resolutions were able to successfully passed after the powerful, compelling, and persuasive debate by all the delegates. In my opinion, the conference was genuinely able to influence and inspire me in a way that makes me extremely motivated to lead the conference. 

I believe this opportunity of charing in a conference will succor me for the next expedition of Model United Nations. Truthfully, it was one of the most memorable experiences I will never forget. Still, I hope to participate in more conferences down the road.

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