ISPP Model United Nation, 2019

This was genuinely the first time ever I participated in a Model UN in the English language, yet it was one of the most spectacular conferences as well. This experience was full of excitement, challenge, and indeed a success. It was my privilege to represent the Delegate of Nepal in such a formal conference. I was able to meet with other delegates from different academies around Cambodia. 

All the delegates from Liger Leadership Academy

Under the theme of Giving Youth a Voice for 2019, I was a delegate of the Junior General Assembly 2 (JGA2). I believe that this theme had truthfully empowered delegates including me to speak up and share their voice. Talking about this concept, it is significantly crucial for youth to speak their voice in order to make a positive impact on their community. The conference of JGA2 was full of power and strength in which we were all actively involved by asking other fellow delegates questions. Even though it was my first time in English, I felt it was a victorious experience that I gathered all my courage to speak up and shared my voice representing the Delegate of Nepal. 

In the conference, 3 different topics were being discussed by the delegates. All 3 resolutions (toward the topic of equal access to education, moving towards sustainable energy sources, and government censorship of social media) were able to pass in the conference. 

This Model UN conference has lighted me to a new experience in which I had learned a lot of new things. From researching my topics in preparation for the conference to making speeches, and to communicating with other delegates were the skills I learned. This conference made my Model UN journey a lot more empowering and I can’t wait to continue this amazing journey.

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