Exploring through Adobe Photoshop (Round5)

Diversity of skills, basics of technology and multimedia have been discovered throughout the year. It incorporated as individual and teamwork tasks. This year, we discovered many technology and multimedia huge areas such as Adobe tools, photography/videography basics, and Python programming. Since this is the last round of the year, as a learner we chose a topic that we want to cover and learn more about. Through the improvement of the project, I explored my interest in Photoshop, which a fact that I chose this skill to work on. Throughout the journey of working with Adobe Photoshop, I could transfer all of my pictures into the sense of gorgeous. As working on Adobe Photoshop, I decided to work and generate on Ink Smudge Effect. It is the process of putting the ink smudge with some paint brush on the picture. As the limited of time on the previous round of working in Photoshop, I didn’t know much materials yet before I additionally worked on this project. However, after I explored this concepts, I clearly have an idea how exactly Photoshop works. I was learning this with one of my friends and we learned by watching a YouTube Video tutorial of how to create Ink Smudge in Photoshop. As things were going, there were also some challenge that I met. One of them was that, When I and my friend watch the video and practice in Photoshop, We were not really sure about how the function and materials works and why we need them for our photo. But as we tried our best of listen to the instructions and practice in our own, We could figure out and solve all of those problems easily. I think that this project gave a lot of advantages to me on the course of Adobe Photoshop. In addition, by working in this project it makes me to be passionate on Photoshop and edit beautiful photo in my own free time.


Python Programming

In the 4th round of Multimedia/technology, we continued our lesson which related to Python Programming. By this time, I’ve an idea of what exactly the basic of python is, as well as having a lot of new experiences related to the concept. In addition, this round we discovered some new Python areas such as functions, lists, and dictionaries. Throughout the learning of programming, challenges are always there, however it attached with positive solutions that I’ve put all of my effort into. One of an example of projects that I’ve worked in this class is called Where is the Space Station? Basically, in this project we use a web service to find out the current location of the International Space Station and plot in its location on the map. This project was really fascinating for me. However, there are some challenge I’ve met which took a period of time for me to solve. The challenge wants us to add the script so that is also prints out the craft that the astronauts is in with their name. At that time, My mind was trying to think of the best solution as I can. My first strategy on this challenge was just to add a string, which say (“In ISS”). But later on, I don’t think it is the best or the right answer at all. So, by this time, I went to the instruction page again and try to read and read those instruction again and again. Then, I’ve come up with a new idea so I quickly went to the code club to change it and let see if it works. My idea was to called up the value of craft. And it worked, I was really amazed at that time. What I learned from this project is about reading instruction again and again and make sure that I understand clearly on that area before I move on.

Here is a piece of my challenge code

Multimedia/Technology Round 3

This round, in Multimedia/Technology class, we focused on the basic of programming and some conditions. The language of a program that we choose was Python. The majority of the topics in this class were new to me. Before I enroll in this class, I’ve no ideas at all about the basic of Python. But now, I’ve experienced all of those a lot and I like them. The basic that I’ve discovered so far are boolean, comparisons, if elif else statement, not or and, for loop, break/continue statement, rang function, while loop, etc. In addition,

Photo by MakeUseOf

We’ve used a really wonderful website which is codeacademy.com in this class. Throughout the website, we can learn a different language and there’re exercises for us includes some basic lessons, too. Codeboard.io is also one of the websites which we use for running our code assignments and homework assignments.

# Exercise 1: Using the while loop to print the square of all number from 0 to 5.

i = 0

while i < 6:

   print i ** 2

   i += 1

# Output: 0 1 4 9 16 25

Example 2: Using a WHILE LOOP, print all even numbers between 0 and 50.

x = 0

while x < 50:

   if x % 2 == 0:

     print x

   x += 1

# The output: 2 4 6 8 10 12 …. 48

Multimedia, Round 2

In Multimedia class, this round we mostly focused on Pixar story structure called digital storytelling. We created a story based on the structure, which is to keep this story includes in Multimedia tools such as podcast, video and more. We also did a activities which we watch short video story and we identified the story structure. There are six steps in Pixar story structure includes Once upon a time there was, Every day, One day, Because of that, Because of that and until finally. Once upon a time is the way to introduce the daily life of the character in the story, Everyday describes the action and activities that the character do, One day describe the day that the problem happens in the story, Because of that means because of the problem what happens next?, Until finally means the end of the story.

Here is a link to my story!


One of the other theme is about photography basics, which we learned how to take good pictures. We also learned about the settings camera such as exposure, shutter speed, ISO and aperture. We were also looking through some camera shot types such as long shot, full shot and more.


This term is my first term to study multimedia. We’ve learned about how to research that using technology and digital tools effectively and efficiently, InDesign, Photoshop, Lightroom, and introduction to programming. I have improved a lot about the multimedia skills that I just mentioned above.

On the first week, we learned about researching skill. Researching skill helps us to find the answer we want easily and sometimes it may guide to the answer you may or may not expect. I could more some useful tips to do research such as using specific words that are unique to your topic, using quotation marks to search for specific phrases and using And, Or, Not.

Later after we learned about InDesign, Photoshop and Lightroom, I created a one page poster in InDesign. In that poster, it included an image I edited in Photoshop and an image on Lightroom. My topic in the poster was about Eiffel tower. I have been researching about that. By the way, I could learn about the Adobe skills and researching skills.

Edited in Lightroom (Eiffel Tower in France)
Edited in Photoshop (Eiffel Tower in France)

On the last week, We learned about algorithm which one of the most interesting concepts about this class. We did different activities throughout this course. Algorithm is the instructions that help to calculate the answer to a problem with a limited of time by using efficient formula. An example of an algorithm we worked on in class this week, is about n(n+1)/2. It is the algorithm of solving the problem that was about finding the sum of 1 to 200 which means find the sum of adding 1+2+3……+200.n stand for the biggest number of the problem had given which is 200. We take 200 plus 1, time with 200 and then divide by 2. Then, we will the find the answer.

Another algorithm that we’ve learned is about divide and conquer which help to calculate the answer to an problem. For example, when the whole number we want to solve might be too big, so we need to break it up into equal two parts and then divide it into half and half again. So that we can find an algorithm to our problem.