Is it possible to create an ecotourism cite in an Indigenous community, Preah Vihear province? (Ecotourism exploration)

First of all, let’s me define you what is an ecotourism. Basically, ecotourism is from two words which are ecological and tourism, it is the travel to natural area, as well as local communities that conserve the environment, or sustain the well being of the local people. Our main goal for this exploration is to create an ecotourism site on a Kuy indigenous community. I hope this project will actually happen one day, because it give such huge impacts on the community. It creates job for local people, by being a tour guide, giving accommodation or homestay to people, ability to show their skills or other. Therefore, it give the advantages to the natural resources, and environment as well. Before, most the villagers in the community are cutting down trees to sell or make coal, hunting for animals… But if the project happen, all of those activities will not going to happen again.

In the process of creating this site, we need to do the research of the marketing for the project. We went to different places around Phnom Penh to interview the tourist from different countries. Basically, our main goal for the tourist survey questions is to ask,  If there’s an ecotourism site that supports indigenous community and wildlife on the loop to Angkor Wat temple, Preah temple, and Sambor Prei Kuk temple, would they like to visit or willing to go? Good news is that 82.6% of the tourists are interested to go, 11.1% of the tourists are maybe to go, and only 6.3% are not interested to go.

In addition, We went to their community and interviewed each family. Before we do our interview, we did a presentation to the villagers about what is ecotourism, the advantages of having the site and give some examples of the ecotourism place. Our main purpose is to know if they want us to create an ecotourism site in their community. According to the interview, 96.4% agrees and 3.6% disagrees.

Python Programming

In the 4th round of Multimedia/technology, we continued our lesson which related to Python Programming. By this time, I’ve an idea of what exactly the basic of python is, as well as having a lot of new experiences related to the concept. In addition, this round we discovered some new Python areas such as functions, lists, and dictionaries. Throughout the learning of programming, challenges are always there, however it attached with positive solutions that I’ve put all of my effort into. One of an example of projects that I’ve worked in this class is called Where is the Space Station? Basically, in this project we use a web service to find out the current location of the International Space Station and plot in its location on the map. This project was really fascinating for me. However, there are some challenge I’ve met which took a period of time for me to solve. The challenge wants us to add the script so that is also prints out the craft that the astronauts is in with their name. At that time, My mind was trying to think of the best solution as I can. My first strategy on this challenge was just to add a string, which say (“In ISS”). But later on, I don’t think it is the best or the right answer at all. So, by this time, I went to the instruction page again and try to read and read those instruction again and again. Then, I’ve come up with a new idea so I quickly went to the code club to change it and let see if it works. My idea was to called up the value of craft. And it worked, I was really amazed at that time. What I learned from this project is about reading instruction again and again and make sure that I understand clearly on that area before I move on.

Here is a piece of my challenge code