Your happiness with your homework (R5)

How to be happy when you have a lot of homework? (essay)

By : SaraVotey Mom

Have you been feeling pressured about having a lot of homework that you can’t even submit them on time?​ Homework can often feel a little stressful or boring but it handles with numerous positive purposes. Unfortunately, if you are at study age it’s all part of student life. It’s the way of how your teacher evaluates how much you understand of what’s going on in class or to help you better understand the subjects that you’re studying. One major point that every student should be aware of is that all of those tasks and assignments are there to benefit you and your learning. However, having happiness while at your study age, as well as doing your homework is such a crucial point since it’s only the thing that motivates and encourage you through the journey of your learning. Fortunately, if you think you have a hard time doing your homework, there are some wonderful steps you can follow. I guarantee you will quickly become accustomed to doing any kind of homework with full of joy, as well as having a beaming smile on your face.                         


1). Plan out your task and time: Homework is from different classes with different types. Some of them might take a long term to finish, while others only require a short term to finish. If you have too much work, you should plan out with the list of tasks and works. In addition, it’s best if you attach the duration of those works with the time you are going to start and finish. For instance, Emily Listmann, a Co-Authored of an article in, was saying, “You’ll feel happier and more productive if you’re studying during a time when you’re experiencing a peak in energy”. This could mean that you have the potential to finish your work early because you’ll be able to concentrate on your work. 

2). Find the best place: The atmosphere of where you work can strongly affect how much you enjoy doing your homework. Different people have different interests in the place that is comfortable for them. Finding your favorite place makes you easier to focus on what you are doing. Moreover, the majority of students like to do their homework in a quiet place because there won’t be any distracting on them. In contrast, Some of the students like to do their work in a place with a group of people so that they can discuss as well as communicate with other people. Sometimes, even small changes can make your homework time enjoyable. You can ask yourself of which atmosphere condition that you are comfortable with the most. You could sit near the window, and have a more calming environment by occasionally look and enjoy the outdoor views. Besides this, you can be hanging out at a  local mart or coffee shop and sip your coffee while completing your homework. 


3). Start with the subject that interests you: Have you ever started doing your homework subject that you don’t like the most? How did you feel? I promise that you’ll start off with a bad mood. Please, start with the subject you enjoy so that you can get easily into homework mode. If you start with complicated assignments, it is likely to get worse as you move on  to the subject you hate. Instead, start with something you genuinely enjoy. For example, if you like to read in your reading assignment, begin there. By doing this, it helps to give you motivation while moving to the subject that bores you. For instance, if you like math but hate history, do half of your math assignments, then half of your history one, and then return to math again. 


4). Relax and take a break: Sometime, it’s hard to stay motivated during your homework time, especially when you have a lot of work to be done. Therefore, it’s good to inspire yourself with some short breaks. By doing that, you can create a time table for yourself in which amount of time you want to reward yourself with little breaks. Some good examples during your breaks are stretching, getting a snack, meditating, and playing ball. Many people find it’s most effective to plan out to work in  40 to 50 minute intervals, and take a 5 minute break. However, be careful with your breaks which you should make sure to time your breaks wisely because once you end up procrastinating your time on other things, it’s difficult to concentrate back on your work. 


Now, it’s your turn to use all of these suggestions to be happy whenever you have a lot of homework. Therefore, I hope that you’ll never ever think of homework as a boring task you have to do. Instead, think of it as part of the process of learning, or a normal part of your daily routine. After following all of the above steps and finish your assignments on time, you will experience the relief of completing tasks as well as the factors that will bring happiness in you life while you are studying. 


Source: Listmann, Emily. “How to Enjoy Homework.” WikiHow, WikiHow, 29 Mar. 2019,

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