Multimedia, Round 2

In Multimedia class, this round we mostly focused on Pixar story structure called digital storytelling. We created a story based on the structure, which is to keep this story includes in Multimedia tools such as podcast, video and more. We also did a activities which we watch short video story and we identified the story structure. There are six steps in Pixar story structure includes Once upon a time there was, Every day, One day, Because of that, Because of that and until finally. Once upon a time is the way to introduce the daily life of the character in the story, Everyday describes the action and activities that the character do, One day describe the day that the problem happens in the story, Because of that means because of the problem what happens next?, Until finally means the end of the story.

Here is a link to my story!

One of the other theme is about photography basics, which we learned how to take good pictures. We also learned about the settings camera such as exposure, shutter speed, ISO and aperture. We were also looking through some camera shot types such as long shot, full shot and more.

Outdoor Leadership Exploration

Outdoor Leadership Exploration becomes one of my favorite exploration. A very enjoyable experiences I’ve got from both during class and outside of class which is during trip. I’ve gained so much knowledge of leader the participants and myself that involve during outdoor. I’ve realized how such a beautiful of nature and wilderness that we have during outdoors. However, This exploration changes my conscious to be appreciate to my admirable environment around me, as well as to supports and keep all the natural resources. It’s help me a lot of my future as well. We went to two trips which are in Kirirom National park and Mondulkiri province. One of the memorable moments is in Mondulkiri Trip.

Reflection: Trip to Mondulkiri province

I would say that, this was  a really wonderful trip ever which we traveled to Mondulkiri province for four days during outdoor leadership exploration. our goals was to learn how to survive in outdoor  while meeting challenges. It was such an amazing experience for my future, as will as take a step of preparation for later. It was a wonderful time of spending with my friends and facilitators, which is a great chance for all of us to get deeply know each other. An opportunity, with not many Cambodian children get the chance to do was extremely huge appreciate from me. In addition, I’m extremely thankful to nature around the place in Mondulkiri that let us to explore you, to know you and to appreciate you which made this trip to a word called “indescribable” to me and my opinion.

As a Cambodian girl, I will raise awareness to others human about how to get survive in outdoors, as well as to let them appreciate that the nature, or this special nature’s resources that we have right now in Cambodia. On the other hand, after travelling to this province, Mondulkiri becomes one of my favorite province. when I was there, every single minute I could see a great view with full of mountain, trees, and the sound of the animal s, birds singing along the way. As we are outdoor leaders, we have our core value promises while on the trip, which are help, respect each other, always encourages everyone, determination and more. While having fun, we’ve learned so many things which let us to experience and explore new adventures around us. For example, If I lost in the forest, I could know how to survive and believe in myself, whenever on an adventure.

In this trip, we were cooking by yourself, finding food, water, hiking together, packing stuff together, which becomes a wonderful adapting with friends, animals and nature. Especially, we were marking fire without using lighter, even though it didn’t work but we tried our best. I‘ve learned to resume people around me and myself. IN addition, the activities that we did during this trip were talking about self reflection, hiking the mountain, drawing and writing the view with the nature. As this is my second time in Mondulkiri, I felt more believe in myself, felt more confidence while hiking and go outside of campus. Every time I am in nature, I felt fresh and happy and I didn’t think of anything else beside keeping myself warm, calm, with a beautiful green species all around me. I’ve released all off my stress, release all of my conflict or homework at school.

On the second day of our trip, we went to Leng Truk waterfall. It was my second time there but I still want to go there again. Before we can get to that Waterfall, we need to hike up and down the mountains with small, big route along the trees. We hiked for 45 minutes to get there with our guide. He was really friendly and he is Pnong, which is one of the ethnic group in Cambodia. Along the way, he told us about the farm, the crops that the indigenous group grow on the mountain, as well as the way of living that they depends on agriculture sector.

After we get there, we started to cook some fish and ethnic soup. I like the way he used the natural resource to clean and to cook the food, which he used the bamboo to put in the fish mouse as a stick while grilling the fish. one the other hand, we used the bamboo to cook the soup inside and use the grass to clean the bamboo. After that we had a great lunch together. On the night time, I saw three shooting stars and star in the morning. I was very happy to see that and wish what I want too. On the third day, we tracked to two waterfalls about 12 kilometers. they are very big and beautiful with many people visiting there and having fun. During the hiking, I was a little tired but I had fun with my friends. During the walk, we were rested in a big grassland, and we played some games and take a lot of picture. What a Lucky day! we saw a big sun set up the mountain.

Finally, I have a lot of fun and realize how such a beautiful place in my country, especially the happiness of people face during hiking. I wish that all the people aware of the environment just like I do and stop throwing trash everywhere. The way we do this, it could start tourist come to explore our country. The best thing that I hope is to have the same amount of nature in the next few years.

Math, Round 2

In the second round of the year, we finished our 5 A textbook and workbook. One of the lesson in math class is about geometry which mainly talking about perimeter, Area and surface area. Along this lesson, we did activities such cutting out paper into shapes and exercise in the textbook and workbook. In the geometry lesson, we focused on some shapes such as square, rectangle, triangle and parallelogram. I think find perimeter or area of the shapes is not really difficult, unless you know the rule of solving the problems of each shape. One of the interesting lessons is surface area. There are several shapes such as rectangular prism, triangular prism, rectangular pyramid and triangular pyramid. By knowing the area of each face, we can know the the surface area of the shapes.

For example: A cube with the length of 5.

Surface area: 6 x (5 x 5) = 150

(Photo by

In addition, in math class we learned algebra course through computer science which in a website called In the course, there are fun activities and problems that we can do. I am enjoying using this website to learn algebra through computer science.

Khmer MUN

This is my first time to attend in Khmer MUN. I think this is the first Khmer MUN ever in Cambodia. I’ve been doing a lot of research to find the solution to the topic. I was the delicate of myanmar and the topic was about “ woman could be a leader”.

Being the delicate of representing Myanmar was awesome because Myanmar is a country that strongly believe that woman could be a leader. We all tried hard to find solution to the topic and help to solve real problem by discussion. In order to find great solutions to the topic, I needed to work with other delicates and working on each other resolution. On the other hand, this event could helped me to improve my speaking skill, as well as researching skill and working with other delegates. I also could know some informations about other countries, too.

Publishing Geography Book

I and my friends were working on publish a book about geography in Cambodia. It is challeng to create an book and it is a enormous task to do. As a good author, there are many important duties to do. We need to work hard, doing research, trip or interview. We need to ensure that the sources are reliable and write in a good process in order to make the readers easy to understand. We divided into four regions. I am in a group in region four which working on northeast of Cambodia. In our trip, we went to four provinces to collect information.

  • At Ka Chanh waterfall, Ratanakiri province

We went to Ratanakiri, kratie, stung treng, mondulkiri province. These province are very far away and I was my first time.  In each province, we went to many places such as temples, waterfalls, mountains, forest, or departments of culture and fine art. The purpose was to create a book called Cambodian Geography book to share to the students in government schools or people who interesting in geography. It took us one year to publish this book. In this book, we included the information about the five theme of geography, provincial name and historical statues in each province and more.

I’ve learned many many concepts from this such as teamwork, writing and interview skills, and a lot more. Through this big mission, I am very proud of myself because I’ve created a big changes in my country by publishing a book which could provide advantages to the government students and people all over the world to know more about Cambodia which a part of creating impacts, especially in education system.

Robotics Exploration & Robotics Competition in Singapore

This is my first time to be a part of robotics exploration. Our goals were to learn how to create a wonderful robot and come up with a great idea of problems and solutions of water to join FLL robotics competition. FLL stands for the words First Lego League which is a robotics competition that challenges kids to think like scientist and engineers.

During  this competition, teams will choose and solve a real-world problems and program robot using Lego Mindstorm technology to solve a set of missions in the robots game. There were two teams from Liger. My team’s name is Nerd 2 and there are five people including me in my group. We worked hard as a team and tried our best in this competition. We worked hard on researching, coding and design robot. We tried our best to do it but our goal was to get experience. Win or lose was not important for us.

It was our first time so our robot was just simple but it needed to be creative of making it’s head because we did different missions. This year the topic of the first Lego League competitions is hydrodynamic which is about water. We did the research about the problem and solution about water to do  a presentation. Our teams came up of problem and solution about arsenic that is a real problem that Cambodia is facing.

On 27, 02, 2018, it had a opportunity to go to other country and get a great opportunity to compete with other teams from different countries. I went to Singapore. It is a developed country and I got to explore new different things. I hope that in the future Cambodia will be the same as Singapore. On the first day, when I arrived at the airport, I looked around and saw many great things such as tall buildings, sky train, designing of road, garden, houses , transportation and those things are very unusual things that I see everyday.

I and one of my other friend got to stay with a host family in Singapore. I stayed with Asa’s family for five days. They were very friendly and I played with their children,too. In addition, I spent a very wonderful time with them. Staying with hosting family helped me to know t about people’s life in other country​​ and to flexible in situation. In the second day, we prepared our robot and let the robot friend different missions.

  • During the Competition

The third day was the competition day. There were many people and teams came from other countries join this competition. There were over an hundred teams. That means I was so proud of Cambodia that join this competition and I was also excited to represent Cambodia. When we were competing, our robot worked well and we communicated very well in each other in the group. Something could not compare to my feeling at that time, I was very very nervous but I could do it. The other part of the competition was presenting. We presented our idea really well to the judges and the judges were happy to see our idea. The idea was about the arsenic water problem which is a problem that is facing in Cambodia.  Later on, my team went to the final round. My feeling was mixed feeling condition like nervous and happy. But in the third round, I felt normal and simple. Trip to Singapore, I visited many places. I went to botanic garden with my hosting family and there were beautiful flowers, birds and trees. I also went to the museum and learned many interesting history.

In conclusion, this robotics exploration helped me to learn many many things and make changes in our country too. I could represented my country in the competition and make other country to know more about Cambodia and also present Liger. In addition, I and my team could solve the water problem the face in the country.

Technovation,First place of National Pitch

I don’t have much  experiences about coding, creating an app, business, marketing or even lack of ideas about all these before  I participated in Technovation. Technovation is a program for girls to learn to create an app in order to solve the problems appearance in the community. It is my first time to join Technovation. In the same way, I highly obtain benefits of participating in this program.

It is not easy at all to work on 12 weeks to learn to code, business model or marketing plan. Technovation allows teams of girls to create an app with an great idea to help the community or society. It took me about one night to decide to join Technovation because the first time I thought that it is very very difficult to create an app. I thought in myself and later on I decided to participate in Technovation because I want to try new things.

In my team, there were five people including me. Our team’s name is Five Infinities and our app is MEP Center. Mep Center is an app to let users who are suppliers ( fixer) and customers (service receiver) in mechanical, electricity and plumbing field communicate with each other. We help the suppliers who do not have enough works can find works to do and customers can find and get to know more suppliers easily.

We have created a lot of function to ensure the quality and to make sure our app is convenient to use. When I decided to try new things, there are many good results to me. If we just do or try the thing you already know, so you don’t get or learn anything. My team passed the semi final and have the opportunity to join National pitch. In the national pitch, we went on the stage and pitched our app to the judges and audience. My team felt a little nervous but later we felt confident. As a consequent, My team won the First place of National Pitch Technovation Cambodia, going along with prices.



I am very very happy about Technovation because my team and I could create an app to help our community and we are a part of Changing Cambodia. In this program, I am very thankful to the mentors, supporters and all the people who were helping us. In addition, I felt very proud of my team and hard teamwork for receive this achievement. The other thing is that I could learn about creating app, doing business, or marketing.

As a participant in Technovation and created an app, I positively believe that girls could code and create app just like boys. Finally, I encourage all the girls to believe in themself, try new things and do anything they like without thinking about gender.

These are the news that talked about our team.

English Literacy

Every day, at the beginning of the class, we always have daily affirmation. It is the positive statement declaring specific goals. All the students repeated the affirmation from the teacher. I think doing affirmation guidances me to clean my mind from the negative thoughts and replace them with the positive and encouraging ones.

Every week, we have a homework packet assignment which contains a list of ten words. Those words are the root words from either Latin and greek. this assignment consists of exercises and worm up that certainly related to the words. After we hang our homework back to our teacher, she will gives a test from those ten words.  

This round the theme in literacy class is the history of english language and etymology which is also related to the history of english. The questions that we are focusing on are how has English evolved over time, how does language connect or disconnect us as a human race and related to socioeconomic status and more. After I know some of the information of English history, I feel that I know how it has evolved over time until now and I feel more comfortable in myself which I could share them to the people around the world.


This year, in STEM class we focus on Physical science, it seems interesting, isn’t it? Absolutely, that is true about Physical science. It is related to matter and energy which included chemistry and physic.

We’ve learned about matter, mass, physical and chemical property. Matter is defined as anything that has mass and volume. Mass is amount of matter in a substance or object which is commonly measure with the balance. Physical property is something that we can see, absorb, measure without change. Chemical property is the property of the matter that can be measure or absorb only when changing from and become something else.

( Photo by Wikimedia Commons )

We also learned about atom. In a small group, we did a research about neutron, electron and proton. The goal was to understand the content in order to make a teaching lesson to all the classmates.  In my group, we had many activities about the lesson. I could know more about neutron, electron and proton. Proton is something that carry positive charge in an atom, electron is something that carry negative charge in an atom and neutron is something that carry no charge.


As the first term of the year, in the first week our teacher told us to create a poster about encouragement words to hang in the classroom. The statement was about “Make the most of your learning”. It was a really great statement in my opinion. Whenever I looked at the wall and see that poster, it is always motivate and inspire me to work hard, listen to my teacher and make the most of all of my learning and do my best with my learning.

This term in math class, we’ve finished half the workbook already. I’ve learned about more calculations with whole numbers, fractions including addition, subtraction, multiply and division. Throughout these lessons, we did many many activities, also the exercise including word problems in the textbook and workbook. On of my favorite unit was about more calculation with whole numbers because in order to calculate the expression with different operation signs, we need to do it by rules which means not to plus, time,subtract, or divide one by one from the left. The rules says that do the multiplication or division from left to right, then addition or subtraction from left to right. You can see one of an example here!!

88 – 8 × 6 ÷ 3 – 80 ÷ 8 × 7

88 – 48 ÷ 3 – 10 × 7

88 – 16 -70


One of a website that we use during our class is Khan Academy. I think it is very useful and convenient to use of our learning. Our teacher often add assignments to us in Khan. In my free time, I often do the exercise and assignments on Khan because if we don’t know of the answer, there are videos for us to watch.