How I change Cambodia 2018-2019

Being a fourteen Cambodian girl, that got the scholarship in a marvelous school which is Liger Leadership academy seems as a fascinating opportunity for me. I got the privilege to out of my comfort zone and look to the outside environment of my own society. I am very honor to be born in this place, a place with amazing culture. In addition, by studying at Liger I got to make and generate many many positive impact and changes in my own country through our school based-learning projects. Through the projects, my mind has open and started to think deeply through the areas of each project. In addition, it also create change the people of the ways they look and think of their surroundings, the actions that they are doing every day in their daily life, and their reflection of their environment and country. Majority of those projects had the field trip to the provinces around Cambodia. For some of those, we either had performance or educational presentation to the community. While a few of those, we had the trip to conduct our data, or to o the research method. My projects that are a part of Cambodia are Community Documentary, Traveling Theater, Ecotourism and Robotic. 

Community Documentary was the exploration which we document information in the rural community. I was being a part of helping and keeping important information to get the next generation to know the rural community in my country. Through those documentary, We created our final products for the community such as creating blog, photo book, podcast and video. In addition, during the journey of the documentary we trained some of the community youth from the community, too. We gave such an awesome opportunity to them to hold the camera in their first time and produce stunning picture and video. Moreover, after our documents were finalized we went to the community to share our products and do the presentation of what we have done to the villagers. Especially, there were many people come to our presentation and they were very impressed of our achievements. 

Traveling Theater was a theater exploration where we travel from place to place to perform. Our goal for this exploration was to showcase performances, educational films and play to the rural communities and schools in the provinces around Cambodia by contributed opportunity to get awareness of their outside environment while they are having entertain. Before going on trip, Our team had prepared on setting up the stage depending on the situation of place we are going. We Also learned how to set up the electricity and the speaker.  I would say that This was one of my project that could change Cambodian’s mindset of their surroundings. It changed of how people look at things and treat things in positivity. Especially, our target audiences which were students and villagers were really really inspire and impress of what we were doing while they were having fun. I am really proud of myself and my team of being brave of performed such an in touch plays to all the audience. 

Ecotourism was an exploration which we are planning to create a Community-based ecotourism site in a Kuy Indigenous community in Preah Vihear Province, Cambodia. This year, I spent almost 14 weeks of working on this project. For the first 7 weeks, in order to create this site we needed to do the research on marketing of the project. In particular, our team spreaded the journey of interview the tourists of their interesting toward our site. We also went to the community to do our feasibility study to whether know if the place potential enough for Community-based ecotourism. I hope this project will actually happen one day, because it give such huge impacts on the community. It creates job for local people, by being a tour guide, giving accommodation or homestay to people, ability to show their skills or other. Therefore, it give the advantages to the natural resources, and environment as well. Before, most the villagers in the community are cutting down trees to sell or make coal, hunting for animals… But if the project happen, all of those activities will not going to happen again. 

Robotics was also a project where I and the other three students from the Liger Leadership Academy, preparing for the 2019 Guangxi Adolescent Robot Competition and the ASEAN National Adolescent Robot Invitational Tournament that head in Wuzhou, Guangxi, China. The First Lego League theme for this year is Into Orbit which is related to Space. It was such an amazing experience as a competitor in this competition. There were teams from 4 ASEAN countries including Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippine and many many teams from China. However, There was just one team from Cambodia which is NORAKBOT (my team). It was really honour of representing Cambodia in this competition. It was the way that shown “Cambodian kids also can do it”. It’s the way that introduce Cambodia and its culture to other countries in the competition. Especially, our team was honored to hold our Cambodia’s flag in this Science-Technology competition. 

The four above projects are a part of my changing Cambodia. But there are a lot of projects more that aimed me the step of changing my country. Those changes are start from myself or other peoples and it doesn’t matter much because of how old you are. I believe that those small changes might make a piece of positive change in Cambodia. And I hope those small changes are very benefits to my country and help me to prepared to create greater changes in the future. 

Your happiness with your homework (R5)

How to be happy when you have a lot of homework? (essay)

By : SaraVotey Mom

Have you been feeling pressured about having a lot of homework that you can’t even submit them on time?​ Homework can often feel a little stressful or boring but it handles with numerous positive purposes. Unfortunately, if you are at study age it’s all part of student life. It’s the way of how your teacher evaluates how much you understand of what’s going on in class or to help you better understand the subjects that you’re studying. One major point that every student should be aware of is that all of those tasks and assignments are there to benefit you and your learning. However, having happiness while at your study age, as well as doing your homework is such a crucial point since it’s only the thing that motivates and encourage you through the journey of your learning. Fortunately, if you think you have a hard time doing your homework, there are some wonderful steps you can follow. I guarantee you will quickly become accustomed to doing any kind of homework with full of joy, as well as having a beaming smile on your face.                         


1). Plan out your task and time: Homework is from different classes with different types. Some of them might take a long term to finish, while others only require a short term to finish. If you have too much work, you should plan out with the list of tasks and works. In addition, it’s best if you attach the duration of those works with the time you are going to start and finish. For instance, Emily Listmann, a Co-Authored of an article in, was saying, “You’ll feel happier and more productive if you’re studying during a time when you’re experiencing a peak in energy”. This could mean that you have the potential to finish your work early because you’ll be able to concentrate on your work. 

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Algebra in Math Class (R5)

Algebra is the way in which the letters or even other general symbols are used to represent numbers and quantities. It quite benefits to human daily life because it could play a role of representing other quantities that people are not sure about. First time, It might seem to be complicated for some students as the way it looks, including me. But as you explore future more, you could easily discovers the way to express those problems. In the algebra expression, there are relationship between positive and negative, too. As part of humanity, we usually don’t know the exact quantities of the things. However, as in mathematics, you can replace a letter to represent the the quantity you want to figure it out.

Find the value of y when x=10

y = 9x/5

y = 90/5

y = 8


ការប្រគួតប្រជែងរឿងខ្លី Khmer Short Story Competition

During the round 5th of the year, There was an event called “Khmer Literacy Event” which head in the Liger Leadership Academy. This event was to promote the literature and culture in Cambodia. This is an event, there was a competition called Khmer Short Story. Below is my Khmer short story that I’ve participated in the competition. Especially, I won first place. 

នៅក្នុងជុំទី៥នេះ មានកម្មវិធីមួយដែលហៅថា ទិវាអក្សរសិល្ប៍និងវប្បធម៏ខ្មែរ ត្រូវបានប្រារព្ធនៅ សាលា ភាពជាអ្នកដឹកនាំ ឡៃហ្គឹរ។​ កម្មវិធីនេះ ត្រូវបានប្រារព្ធឡើង ដើម្បីលើកកម្ពស់់ អក្សរសាស្រ្ត និងវប្បធម៏ នៅក្នុងប្រទេសកម្ពុជា។ ម្យ៉ាងវិញទៀត នៅក្នុងកម្មវិធីនេះបានការការប្រគួតប្រជែងរឿងខ្លីផងដែរ។ ខាងក្រោមនេះ គឺជារឿងខ្លីដែល ខ្ញុំបាននិពន្ធក្នុងការប្រគួតនេះ  ហើយខ្ញុំក៏ត្រូវបានជ្រើសរើស បានចំណាប់ថ្នាក់ លេខមួយ។


រឿង ព្រហ្មលិខិតរបស់វិសិដ្ឋ (Viseth’s Destiny)

ដោយស្មេរ  មុំ សារ៉ាវត្តី

នាវេលាព្រឹកមួយ សិស្សានុសិស្សនៅសាលាអនុវិទ្យាល័យមួយ បាននាំគ្នាដើរចូលថ្នាក់រៀងៗខ្លួន ដើម្បីចូលរៀន។ បុឹង បុឹង មួយសន្ទុះក្រោយមក ពេលវេលាចេញ​​​​​លេង ក៏បានមកដល់។ ក្នុងនោះដែរ មានសិស្សានុសិស្សចំនួន៤ នាក់បានដើរចេញពីថ្នាក់ ដោយមានការសន្ទនា យ៉ាងសប្បាយរីករាយ ផងដែរ។ ក្នុងនោះមានសិស្សស្រីបីនាក់ ដែលមានឈ្មោះថា ធារី វ៉ាន់ឌី និងយ៉ាយ៉ា ព្រមទាំងសិស្សប្រុសម្នាក់ ដែលមានឈ្មោះថា វិសិដ្ឋ។​ ធារីក៏បានសួរទៅកាន់វិសិដ្ឋថា “ អេ អាខ្ទើយ ឯងបានយកអីពីផ្ទះផ្ញើពួកយើងអត់ហ្នឹង ”។ វ៉ាន់ឌីក៏បានបន្ត “ អឺ មានយកមកអត់ហ្នឹង ”។ វិសិដ្ឋ បានឆ្លើយថា “ ចា ចា ជិតស្និទ្ធជាមួយពួកឯងយូរហើយ នាងខ្ញុំមិនដែលភ្លេចទេ ខំឡើងបេះស្វាយ ហើយបុកអំបិលម្ទេស យ៉ាងឆ្ងាញ់ឯណោះ ”។ “ អឺ ល្អណាស់អាខ្ទើយនេះ ចេះយកចិត្តពួកយើងទៀត ” យ៉ាយ៉ាបន្ថែម ។ មួយសន្ទុះក្រោយ​មក សម្លេងមួយក៏បានបន្ទរឡើង “ តោះ តោះ រៀបចំស្វាយទុកដាក់វិញ ដល់ម៉ោងចូលរៀនហើយ ”។ បន្ទាប់ពីនោះមក ពេលដែលសិស្សទាំងអស់កំពុងនៅក្នុងថ្នាក់ លោកគ្រូបន្ទុកថ្នាក់ក៏បាននិយាយថា “ មើលកូនៗ តើកូនណាពីរនាក់ ស្ម័គ្រចិត្តអានអត្ថបទ ការសន្ទនារបស់មេរៀនយើង ថ្ងៃនេះបានទេ? ”។ ពេលដែលលោកគ្រូ និយាយដូច្នេះភ្លាម វិសិដ្ឋក៏បានលើកដៃឡើងយ៉ាងរហ័ស។ ទន្ទឹមនឹងនេះ ក៏មានសម្លេងមួយបន្ទរថា “លោកគ្រូៗ នុះអាប៉េដេ លើកដៃហើយឲ្យវាទៅ ”។ សិស្សនៅក្នុងថ្នាក់ទាំងអស់ បានអស់សំណោច ដោយពាក្យសម្ដីមួយនេះ។ លោកគ្រូក៏បាននិយាយ​ “ អូ វិសិដ្ឋ  ដូច្នេះតើកូនណា ស្ម័គ្រចិត្តម្នាក់ទៀតបានទេ ”។ ២នាទីក្រោយមក មិនមាននរណាម្នាក់លើកដៃឡើយ។ លើកនេះ លោកគ្រូក៏បានចាប់ហៅ សុធា ដែលអង្គុយជួរខាងមុខ។ ប៉ុន្ដែសុធាក៏បានយកលេស ហើយនិយាយថា “ លោកគ្រូៗ ខ្ញុំមិនចង់អាន ជាមួយនឹងអាខ្ទើយនឹងទេ វាអានម្ញុិកម្ញ៉ក់ដូចស្រីអញ្ចឹង ខ្ងុំខ្លាចកាត់ចរិក ដូចវាដែរ ”។

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How I change Cambodia 2017-2018

I think I can change Cambodia through the exploration, essential, advanced enrichment or skills. We can share our knowledge what we have learned to other people. We can also use our knowledge to tell people to act in positive ways. In this year, I ‘ve been learning and doing a lot of things. I hope some of all the things that I did are a part of changing Cambodia. The word change is a big thing, it is not easy to do. It needs to start from a small thing. Change also starts from a little and a little.

  • Technovation

I don’t have much  experience about coding, creating an app, business, marketing or something before I participated in Technovation. Technovation is a program for girls to learn to create an app. It is my first time to join Technovation. There are many many benefits of participating in this program. It is not easy at all to work on 12 weeks to learn to code, business model or marketing plan. Technovation allows teams of girls to create an app with an great idea to help the community or society. It took me about one night to decide to join Technovation because first I thought that it is very very difficult to create an app. I thought in myself and later on I decided to participate in Technovation because I want to try new things. In my team, there were five people including me. Our team’s name is five infinities and our app is MEP Center. Mep Center is an app to let users who are suppliers ( fixer) and customers (service receiver) in mechanical, electricity and plumbing field communicate with each other.we help the suppliers who do not have enough works can find works to do and customers can find and get to know more suppliers easily. We have created a lot of function to ensure the quality and to make sure our app is convenient to use. When I decided to try new things, there are many good results to me. If we just do or try the thing you already know, so you don’t get or learn anything. My team passed the semi final and have the opportunity to join National pitch. In the national pitch, we went on the stage and pitched our app to the judges and audience. My team felt a little nervous but later we felt confident. I am very very happy about Technovation because my team and I could create an app to help our community and we are a part of Changing Cambodia. In this program, I am very thankful to the mentors, supporters and all the people who were helping us. In addition, I felt very proud of my team and hard teamwork for receive this achievement. The other thing is that I could learn about creating app, doing business, or marketing. As a participant in Technovation and created an app, I positively believe that girls could code and create app just like boys. Finally, I encourage all the girls to believe in themself, try new things and do anything they like without thinking about gender.

  • Robotics

This is my first time to be a part of robotics exploration. Our goals were to learn how to create a wonderful robot and come up with a great idea of problems and solutions of water to join FLL robotics competition. FLL stands for the words First Lego League which is a robotics competition that challenges kids to think like scientist and engineers. During  this competition, teams will choose and solve a real-world problems and program robot using Lego Mindstorm technology to solve a set of missions in the robots game. There were two teams from Liger. My team’s name is Nerd 2 and there are five people including me in my group. We work hard as a team and tried our best in this competition. We worked hard on researching, coding and design robot. We tried our best to do it but our goal was to get experience. Win or lose was not important for us. It was our first time so our robot was just simple but it needed to be creative of making it’s head because we did different missions. This year the topic of the first lego league competitions is hydrodynamic which is about water. We did the research about the problem and solution about water to do  a presentation. Our teams came up of problem and solution about arsenic that is a real problem that Cambodia is facing. On 27, 02, 2018, it had a opportunity to go to other country and get a great opportunity to compete with other teams from different countries. I went to singapore. It is a developed country and I got to explore new different things. I hope that in the future Cambodia will be the same as Singapore. On the first day, when I arrived at the airport, I looked around and saw many great things such as tall buildings, skytrain, designing of road, garden, houses , transportations and those things are very unusual things that I see everyday. I and one of my other friend got to stay with a host family in Singapore. I stayed with Asa’s family for five days. They were very friendly and I played with their children,too. In addition, I spent a very wonderful time with them. Staying with hosting family helped me to know t about people’s life in other country​​ and to flexible in situation. In the second day, we prepared our robot and let the robot friend different missions. The third day was the competition day. There were many people and teams came from other countries join this competition. There were over an hundred teams. That means I was so proud of Cambodia that join this competition and I was also excited to represent Cambodia. When we were competing, our robot worked well and we communicated very well in each other in the group. Something could not compare to my feeling at that time, I was very very nervous but I could do it. The other part of the competition was presenting. We presented our idea really well to the judges and the judges were happy to see our idea. The idea was about the arsenic water problem which is a problem that is facing in Cambodia.  Later on, my team went to the final round. My feeling was mixed feeling condition like nervous and happy. But in the third round, I felt normal and simple. Trip to Singapore, I visited many places. I went to botanic garden with my hosting family and there were beautiful flowers, birds and trees. I also went to the museum and learned many interesting history.

In conclusion, this robotics exploration helped me to learn many many things and make changes in our country too. I could represented my country in the competition and make other country to know more about Cambodia and also present Liger. In addition, I and my team could solve the water problem the face in the country.

  • Geography

I and my friends were working on publish a book about geography in Cambodia. It is challeng to create an book and it is a enormous task to do. As a good author, there are many important duties to do. We need to work hard, doing research, trip or interview. We need to ensure that the sources are reliable and write in a good process in order to make the readers easy to understand. We divided into four regions. I am in a group in region four which working on northeast of Cambodia. In our trip, we went to four provinces to collect information.

We went to Ratanakiri, kratie, stung treng, mondulkiri province. These province are very far away and I was my first time.  In each province, we went to many places such as temples, waterfalls, mountains, forest, or departments of culture and fine art. The purpose was to create a book called Cambodian Geography book to share to the students in government schools or people who interesting in geography. It took us one year to publish this book. In this book, we included the information about the five theme of geography, provincial name and historical statues in each province and more.

I’ve learned many many concepts from this such as teamwork, writing and interview skills, and a lot more. Through this big mission, I am very proud of myself because I’ve created a big changes in my country by publishing a book which could provide advantages to the government students and people all over the world to know more about Cambodia which a part of creating impacts, especially in education system.

Exploring through Adobe Photoshop (Round5)

Diversity of skills, basics of technology and multimedia have been discovered throughout the year. It incorporated as individual and teamwork tasks. This year, we discovered many technology and multimedia huge areas such as Adobe tools, photography/videography basics, and Python programming. Since this is the last round of the year, as a learner we chose a topic that we want to cover and learn more about. Through the improvement of the project, I explored my interest in Photoshop, which a fact that I chose this skill to work on. Throughout the journey of working with Adobe Photoshop, I could transfer all of my pictures into the sense of gorgeous. As working on Adobe Photoshop, I decided to work and generate on Ink Smudge Effect. It is the process of putting the ink smudge with some paint brush on the picture. As the limited of time on the previous round of working in Photoshop, I didn’t know much materials yet before I additionally worked on this project. However, after I explored this concepts, I clearly have an idea how exactly Photoshop works. I was learning this with one of my friends and we learned by watching a YouTube Video tutorial of how to create Ink Smudge in Photoshop. As things were going, there were also some challenge that I met. One of them was that, When I and my friend watch the video and practice in Photoshop, We were not really sure about how the function and materials works and why we need them for our photo. But as we tried our best of listen to the instructions and practice in our own, We could figure out and solve all of those problems easily. I think that this project gave a lot of advantages to me on the course of Adobe Photoshop. In addition, by working in this project it makes me to be passionate on Photoshop and edit beautiful photo in my own free time.


Motion & Distance

Can you give some examples of motions? But first of all, lets me give a simple definition of what motion is. Basically, Motion is the act, process of moving, or the change of position. Many many things around you are moving, which means it relates to the process of motion. For example, I ride my bike to my house, it means I am in motion.

Distance : Distance is the length of the route between two points, which are the starting and finishing line. The SI unit for distance is the meter.

(1 m = 3.28ft), ( 1 cm = 0.01 m), ( 1 km = 1000 m)

What is Percentage?

Percentage was a main topic that we focus on in my class this round. In my opinion, percent is an important part of our every life. It relates to the discount in a shop, the charge or interest in the banks, increase in value, commission, etc. For example, after I’ve learned how to calculate percentage, whenever I go to different shops with discount, I know really clearly of how to calculate which of how much the shop has discounted.

Below are some examples of percentage, Please take a guest of the right answers


  • What is 40% of 300?
    • 110
    • 115
    • 120
    • 130



  • Votey earns $800 a month. She gives 20% of the money to charity. How much money does Votey give to the charity?
    • 200
    • 160
    • 300
    • 320



There is only one happiness in this life – to love and be loved. (By George Sand)

On a day on the 4th round, It was World Poetry Day!!! Our teacher let me choose a text or phrase that I’ve recently read, or Ted Talk video I’ve recently watch to get inspire me to write a Golden Shovel poem. Basically, Golden Shovel poem is a poem which you take a line from a poem or quotes you admire and use each word in the line as an end word on the line on your poem with order. For example, you take a quote with eight words, so your poem has to be eighth lines.

My inspire quote: There is only one happiness in this life – to love and be loved  (By George Sand)

Success and victorious are waiting for her there

Getting the destination determined who she is

Needed to help herself, the one and only

There are no two, but just one

Which is herself, the one who brings her happiness

Plus, it’s not outside, it’s in

The heart of compassion that found in this

The piece throughout her life

Spreading her true heart to

Everyone and everything that needs love

Her family, her friends and

Be the person she wants to be

And throughout her life, she will always receive loved.

By Votey

Is it possible to create an ecotourism cite in an Indigenous community, Preah Vihear province? (Ecotourism exploration)

First of all, let’s me define you what is an ecotourism. Basically, ecotourism is from two words which are ecological and tourism, it is the travel to natural area, as well as local communities that conserve the environment, or sustain the well being of the local people. Our main goal for this exploration is to create an ecotourism site on a Kuy indigenous community. I hope this project will actually happen one day, because it give such huge impacts on the community. It creates job for local people, by being a tour guide, giving accommodation or homestay to people, ability to show their skills or other. Therefore, it give the advantages to the natural resources, and environment as well. Before, most the villagers in the community are cutting down trees to sell or make coal, hunting for animals… But if the project happen, all of those activities will not going to happen again.

In the process of creating this site, we need to do the research of the marketing for the project. We went to different places around Phnom Penh to interview the tourist from different countries. Basically, our main goal for the tourist survey questions is to ask,  If there’s an ecotourism site that supports indigenous community and wildlife on the loop to Angkor Wat temple, Preah temple, and Sambor Prei Kuk temple, would they like to visit or willing to go? Good news is that 82.6% of the tourists are interested to go, 11.1% of the tourists are maybe to go, and only 6.3% are not interested to go.

In addition, We went to their community and interviewed each family. Before we do our interview, we did a presentation to the villagers about what is ecotourism, the advantages of having the site and give some examples of the ecotourism place. Our main purpose is to know if they want us to create an ecotourism site in their community. According to the interview, 96.4% agrees and 3.6% disagrees.