Khmer Model United Nation Conference, 2019

In May 2019, the Liger Leadership Academy hosted a Khmer Model United Nation that consisted of 60 delegates from three different academies. Model UN is one of my interests and passions, in which it has grown since I participated in the first time. In my opinion, Model UN is such an impactful event to students and young minds as a young perspective in which delegates could truly understand what is happening around the world. This conference was a precious time for me and other new delegates I have never met to come together to discuss, collaboration, and debate in order to find reasonable and appropriate solutions to current global issues. 

It was a privilege for me to present the French Republic in this conference, and discussed, debated under the question of tackling food insecurity, and rights of children of incarcerated parents. By exposing these two topics, I have perceived a lot of facts and became a lot more aware of each countries food security and children’s rights.  

During the conference, I was pleased to be the main submitter on the topic of tackling food insecurity. Especially, I and the other delegates were productively participated by asking a lot of questions and do the speeches of our country’s stands. 

This conference was one of the most successful Model UN I have attended. It gave me numerous knowledge about the topics, as well as current global issues as a whole. It transformed me to become a girl with confidence and courage to speak up. Having this conference in the Khmer Language is another glorious experience to support our native language and I hope there will be more Khmer Model UN conferences in the future.

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